Dale W. Usner, Ph.D., presented "Understanding Statistical Power for Non-Statisticians" live at the DIA 2016 Annual Meeting. We invite you to watch the recorded presentation by submitting the short form on this page.

Understanding Statistical Power for Non-Statisticians 

Statistical power lays a foundation for a successful clinical trial, thus affecting all clinical trial professionals. Underpowered studies have a higher risk of not showing a statistically significant effect at the end of the study; whereas overpowered studies can lead to unreasonably large sample sizes, unnecessary risk to patients, and added expense. In this webinar, Dr. Usner addresses the basics of statistical power for non-statisticians, highlighting what you need to know about statistical power, how it affects your clinical trial, and what to ask for from your statistician.

Watch this webinar to learn:          

  • What is statistical power
  • How assumptions affect statistical power and sample size
  • How power is associated with what is statistically significant


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