Ophthalmic Study Population Trends

Beverly A. Mersing, BA, Dale J. Kennedy, Ph.D., Richard B. Abelson, MS, Mark E. Talbert, BA, Kathryn S. Kennedy, MSE, Dale W. Usner, Ph.D.
ARVO Annual Meeting, May 2012

This research focuses on improving the accuracy associated with estimating the number of
medical history (MedHx), concomitant medications (ConMeds), and adverse events (AEs) terms and related discrepancies for dry eye and ocular allergy type ophthalmic studies. This poster details:

  • Trends in ophthalmic study populations for dry eye and ocular allergy studies based on historic data
  • Comparison of MedHx, ConMeds, and AEs based on historic data
  •  Models for estimating MedHx, ConMeds, and AEs on future dry eye and oculary allergy clinical trials

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